We are passionate about high quality building design and craft. It is our belief that every project deserves the finest treatment possible no matter the budget. We strive to maximize function, taste, and value while emphasizing lastingness as the greenest building practice of all. We love houses and families, and recognize the complexities of reconciling the built environment with the way people actually live. 

Our Story

Jennifer and Isaac worked together professionally at JAS Design Build before becoming a family in 2011.  Their skill sets complement each other with Isaac's focusing on building design and construction and Jennifer's informing the over-all aesthetics.

Isaac received his masters degree in architecture at the University of Washington where he fostered a passion for design grounded in a holistic understanding of people, place, and the honest use of materials.

Jennifer is a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art where she specialized in interior design.  Her years of working with building interiors and their components gives her work an easy elegance that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and homes.